is the premier web site to purchase works by Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy. The site contains a gallery comprising a large selection of Chinwe's prints, etchings, lino-prints and wood cuts, which you can both browse and purchase on-line.

The Young Igbos Social Club
Young Igbos Social Club (YIBOSC) was founded in 1991 to be a forum for enterprising young Igbo people to meet, socialise and network and to find out about their culture. Igbos are the one of the main tribes of Nigeria. YIBOSC has set up an Igbo Library in London, pioneered a mentoring scheme for children and also has a football team and band.

The Africa Guide
A comprehensive guide to every country in Africa with detailed travel information, safaris, accommodation, books, maps, music, videos, art and craft, daily news headlines, forums, superb photo library, travelogues, monthly newsletter and more.

Africa Resource.Com
This site dedicates staff and resources to the provision of information on and about Africa. If you're looking for research material on Africa, or would like to meet with resource people with the right expertise this is a great site to connect to.

Putting a face on the African giant, OnlineNigeria.Com has a wealth of information about Nigera including news, sport, geographical features, history, business. A great site for anyone who want to know more about Nigeria.

Beverley Peter Meyers
Beverley was born in Zimbabwe and first came to study in London in the 60's. Beverley gets much of his insiration from Africa, reflecting this in his earthy palette, expansive composition and unrefined texture.

Art By Shannon Fausey

Art by John Nolan
John Nolan is a contemporary Irish artist based in Dublin. His distinctive work has already reached a wide audience. You are invited to meet the in demand Artist and enjoy his unique use of colour.

Garry Hobbs

dele jegede, Professor of Art History
dele jegede, Professor of Art History at Indiana State University. Visit dele jegede's website to find out more about the Professor, his Galleries and his Scholarly Works.

The Sally Pinhey Collection
Sally Pinhey is one of England's foremost botanical watercolour artists, with a flair for lively and detailed illustrations of flower and fruit.

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